Glorious Exotica is a fast-growing animal food supplier located in Pune, INDIA. We were founded in 2016 by animal lovers and friends for life. We all have an incredible passion for animals. With the sole aim of serving and nurturing with responsibility, and kind-heartedness towards these amazing species, we started this our very own enterprise. With 10+ years of experience in breeding and nurturing for feathery lives, we know and believe in providing these little lives with best natural organic nutrition.

We aim to leverage the highest possible quality feed from the renowned brands across the globe at affordable prices to our beloved-feathered friends.

We are associated with world’s prominent brands ‘RoudyBush’. The range served by this brand helps provide proper and complete nutrition for your bird’s lifetime care.

At Glorious Exotica, we maintain strong relationship with every single client. We balance our services with supply chain and expertise in animal food. We closely monitor our customers and work towards fulfilling their need; after all, we understand the importance of the life of these feathered friends .